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Publication 22 novembre 2023 (3)

Revau is proud to announce the strategic acquisition of Echelon Insurance’s surety division. This acquisition is aligned with Revau’s objective to expand its existing surety operations across Canada.

People are critical to the success of any business, which is why we are pleased to announce that Echelon’s entire surety underwriting team has joined Revau as part of this transaction. The contacts for our broker partners remain unchanged and the same experienced team will continue to support our brokers with their immediate and future surety needs. The shared values ??and goals of both teams, as well as their focus on customer service, make this transaction an excellent strategic fit for us.

"This transaction is an important step in Echelon's evolution as it seeks to focus its business portfolio on integrated commercial property and automobile insurance products. We are pleased to have found a new home for the surety volume Echelon has developed with a strong partner, Revau," said Robin Joshua, President of Echelon Insurance.

“While surety is no longer part of Echelon’s future, we have built a strong practice supported by experienced people. Revau has recognized this and provided a platform on which this volume and the people behind it can continue to grow.”

The transition process will be carefully led by Rahim Tejani, CRO of REVAU and new President of Revau Caution. His focus will be on ensuring a smooth integration of operations and resources to create a platform for growth. Clients can expect continued service and we thank you in advance for your support.

“This is an exciting step for the future of our business. We are very pleased that the entire Echelon Surety Division underwriting team has joined Revau, ensuring a smooth transition for our broker partners. We are grateful for your continued support and thank you for your trust,” said Rahim Tejani, CRO of Revau and President of Revau Caution.

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