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REVAU is an exclusive partner of Echelon Insurance and offers you the most complete and polyvalent product available on the market today.


REVAU has designed a program for owners of heavy vehicles with 1 to 9 engines transporting goods in Canada and the United States.

Liability Capacity of up to $5,000,000 includes:

  • Chapter B deductible waiver for not-at-fault collisions anywhere in North America
  • Cargo insurance up to $500,000 (subject to increase)
  • Profit Sharing Endorsement
  • Loss of use or loss of income endorsement for an amount of $7,500


Optional property coverage of $10,000 (including a wide range of extended coverage) can be added without the need to complete an application.


REVAU also offers a wide variety of coverages on the same policy. e.g. QF6, QF4, contingency, cargo, etc.

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